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Revolutionary IDIS Smart UX Controls

IDIS has developed the game changing Smart UX Controls software to provide unparalleled accuracy and ease of use, creating an experience unlike any other available on the market. Users can easily follow moving objects in real-time with ground breaking accuracy by panning images at different speeds and in different directions literally without lifting a finger.

Traditional network pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are often associated with unintuitive screen controls making them difficult and slow to control combined with poor image quality when zooming in. PTZs also working over an IP network are storage and bandwidth hungry, causing latency that results in jerky, poor quality images and potential security gaps.

To combat these challenges, IDIS has created the new software, featuring intuitive “Slingshot” and “Rubberband” style controls that are smooth and seamless. With simple click-and-drag actions, operators can quickly focus on and track specific objects with no need for multiple clicks to change direction. “Slingshot” allows users to aim and click any part of an image to quickly view a specific object, person or area, while “Rubberband” enables the drawing of a rubber band anywhere for easy and silky smooth PTZ control. With rapid response speeds without latency, this is incredibly effective if a suspect suddenly runs or changes direction, ensuring operators can rapidly respond to an incident or threat.

IDIS “Quick Controls” functions also allow for simple and fast operation utilising a CTRL button and mouse combination. These features, along with the ‘Rubberband’ and ‘Slingshot’ controls of IDIS Smart UX Controls, enable pinpoint accuracy even at great distances, delivering a critical advantage in any given security environment.


H.265 HD 2Megapixel Starlight Intelligent IR Network PTZ Dome Camera

VT231-A2-A3 series is our newly introduced high definition infrared network dome camera that supports 1920×1080@30fps HD network video output. It adopts H.265/H.264/M-JPEG encoding and its output provides excellent definition and color revivification degree which enables the acquisition of rich and accurate details so as to effectively guarantee smart analysis accuracy.

The VT231-A2-A3 series cameras carry smart functions and support wire cross, instruction as well as scene change, defocus, too-dark and too-bright detecting. With its safe, professional and reliable smart analysis, it can satisfy various upmarket applications. This product adopts large power LED infrared lamps, infrared wave length 850nm, long night vision distance up to 200m, strong illumination. The IR lamps can turn on or off automatically based on environmental lighting conditions or can be adjusted manually. The IR illumination allows flexible adjustment so as to reduce IR lamp calorific value and extend its service life. User-friendly GUI interface design allows users to perform dome PTZ control easily via network and to configure detailed camera parameters settings. At Web interface users can perform dome camera settings and operations by using a mouse which is more convenient than the traditional keyboard control. It also supports area zoom and image PTZ function. VT231-A2-A3 series dome cameras also feature general dome functions such as preset, pattern, autopan, autoscan, time tour and normal tour.

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Outdated access control technology: Risks and opportunities

Is your organization at risk from using outdated access control technology?
Today’s contactless smart cards follow industry protocols, making them much more secure than prior generations. If your organization is still using technology from the 90s, it’s time for a much-needed upgrade.

From swipe technologies, like the now out-of-date magnetic stripe, to contactless technologies and mobile access credentials, businesses now have several choices when it comes to access control. Despite the enhanced security and convenience offered by newer options, many organizations are still using outdated and vulnerable access control technology. For these organizations, the time has come to take action and prioritize plans for a much-needed upgrade.

To better illustrate the importance of upgrading to the latest access control technology, we’ve created a new eBook, Outdated Access Control Technology: Serious Risk or Opportunity for Change? In it, we take a step back in time to explore the evolution of cards and credentials technologies between the 1980s and the present-day. We examine the technologies available today and the bright future of access control, as well as clarify why using out of date access control technology can leave your organization at risk.

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Enterprise Class VMS Media Gateway
Your Gateway to the World of Surveillance

VMS-2000D Server is one of the advanced embedded Enterprise Class VMS Media Gateway integrating the eMVS Pro software and hardware together effectively. The VMS-2000D server is a self-adaptive hardware which seamlessly integrates with robust eVMS Pro software.VMS-2000D completely boosts the system’s performance with genuine user-friendly GUI. Easy to install and operate.

  • 2000 channels per VMS Media Gateway
  • Support unlimited accounts management with 8000 online users
  • Support 100 ONVIF devices
  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Support distributed architecture with 20 VMS Media Gateway extensions
  • Excellent network load balance with 700MBps
  • Support RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60
  • Full redundant master & slave VMS Media Gate
  • PROVEN TRACK Record with 2000+ Channels
  • eVMS Pro Client support 4K signal decoding


FERMAX Integrated Solutions for Smart Homes

Communication systems and home control now come together in the same screen: SMILE TOUCH DOMINIUM – an advanced device for the communication and automation management of Smart Homes. The new monitor from FERMAX incorporates a multifunctional touchscreen for an intuitive use of communication, security and comfort in the home.

SMILE is now the screen for integrating video door entry functions and automation management. An enormous advantage, it offers a single point from which to interact with all your automatic devices. This means one device to integrate in domestic spaces.

SMILE TOUCH DOMINIUM is a hands-free monitor from FERMAX with a TFT capacitive touchscreen of 7 inches, offering the most acclaimed design created by the Spanish company, to manage and control home automation. It is distinguished by its high scratch resistance and ultraviolet protection, its digital audio quality and its OSD menu on the screen. It includes WIFI connectivity. The home automation system can be managed from the PC and all mobile devices (Android and iOS).

The monitor incorporates direct communication with BUSing, a decentralized communication system designed specifically to handle home automation applications of all sizes. It is able to adapt, both in features and cost, to the simplest homes and the most complex buildings. Compatible with KNX.

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ABUS CodeLoxx: Security by Code

The “Made in Germany” access control system CodeLoxx by German security manufacturer ABUS sets the highest standards in security and comfort. The electronic door cylinder with digit ring enables access by code and effective burglary protection. Up to 511 users can be integrated, making CodeLoxx the ideal choice for private and commercial properties.

CodeLoxx maximizes independence and every day comfort: With the entering of a 4 to 6-digit code at the doorknob, keys are a remnant of the past. Also, individual access rights can be customized at the door cylinders, making the configuration and use possibly easy. As required, CodeLoxx can be used with further control devices, i. e. via proximity tag or chip key. Up to 511 users can be set up, enabling the system for bigger companies, hotels or stores. The high-quality components in stainless steel and with sleek design hereby fit into the entrance area of any property. With its adjustable modules, the system can also be easily installed at almost any kind of door.

ABUS – Security Tech Germany

The German security expert ABUS is a manufacturer of innovative alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems and detectors. As a member of the ABUS Group, the company is specialised both in industry-specific security requirements as well as the demands which private users have. The company is represented worldwide.

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