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Darkfighter X, turn night into colourful day

Ever bothered by poor camera performance at night? The monitoring camera was not able to capturing a clear image or an image with unavoidable noise, especially at the gas stations, the rural area or the squares during dark night. Besides that, most of the crimes happen at night. That’s why one monitoring camera which can meet those demands has been launched — Hikvision DarkFighterX series camera.

Hikvision has dedicated years on the research and innovations on low-illumination technology, up to now, the DarkFighterX series camera has already been launched.

Hikvision DarkFighterX series camera is based on the retina imaging that eyes independently process the color and brightness. This series camera has innovative dual sensors design, one sensor for IR imaging that guarantees the image brightness, the other sensor for visible light that guarantees vivid color. And then combine the two images formed by different spectra into ONE FULL-COLOR image.

Besides, DarkFighterX series camera featuring 25x optical zoom, Support H.265+ compression to get a low bitrate and storage, patent Bi-Spectral fusion technology. But above all, this series qualified excellent day and night performance.

The DarkFighterX series camera can be widelyused for wide ranges of high-definition, especially where needs 24h color-full images, such as street, forests, roads, railways, ports, squares, parks, etc.

More details, lower noise, real colors, 24-hour reproduce the vivid world, that’s what the DarkFighterX series camera could bring to us and make our community safer during all day and night.


eVMS-PRO (Enterprise VMS Command Control Center)

WatchNET INC, CANADA has recently launched the enhanced version of its Enterprise Class VMS Software with more features, unifying Video, Audio, Advanced Alarm functions, Multi-level Redundancy, Mass Storage, greater Load Balance & Video Wall in a single management platform. With faster graphical search and intuitive GUI, it will change the way you look at video surveillance.

eVMS-PRO is Scalable & Resilient, Client-Server Architecture, integrating multiple surveillance systems. With eVMS-PRO, end users receive a perpetual license that includes a wide range of unmatched enterprise features. eVMS-PRO supports both Distributed & Centralized deployments. The software has built-in Intelligent video analysis to aid in event identification (Tripwire, Intrusion, Object Abandonment, Object Missing, People Counting). It has the facility to locate cameras quickly with a facility map on thick web and mobile clients. It simplifies complex network configurations and setup by identifying cameras on the network.

eVMS-PRO Features:

    • Powerful & Resilient Embedded Linux based Platform
    • Ultimate Client-Server software architecture
    • High Flexibility and Scalability
    • Distributed Network Video Recorder Solution
    • Support unlimited accounts management,8000 online users and 500 roles.
    • Support Mobile Surveillance functions models via apply the corresponding license
    • High Compatibility
    • eVMS-PRO Client Application supports Windows OS
    • Connect third-party devices via standard ONVIF protocol
    • Other the platform SDK for third-party platform or mobile phone do further development


Infinova Cameras secure 62 Indian Airports

Infinova was the most preferred CCTV OEM by Airport Authorities of India to combat terrorism and increase security measures at Airports across India. Over 6,000 Infinova video surveillance cameras, including high-speed PTZ domes, minidomes and fixed cameras, most of them with vandal-resistant day/night functionality are deployed across 62 Airports in India.

About 38 Airports are deployed with Infinova Video Management Software V2217 and rest with Third Party Video Management Software. Since these cameras are ONVIF, they can communicate to a Third-Party VMS. Some of the airport locations are also deployed with Infinova DVRs and switchers.

Infinova has been recently awarded an upgradation project for 30 airports in June 2016, replacing Third Party Cameras and Software and upscaling existing Infinova installations. About 200 Infinova cameras have been deployed in early 2016, some for new airports and some for new phase requirements, at Cudappah, Jaipur, Pune, Lucknow, Vijaywada, Hubli Safdarjung Airports. The cameras are being displayed on Infinova Video Management Software V2217

Infinova is also proud to have an installation base at AAI Headquarters in Delhi- Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan. More than 60+ Infinova Cameras have been deployed at the AAI headquarters, all working on Infinova Video Management Software V2217.62 Airports in India — An Infinova Case Study One of the largest airport deployments for Infinova cameras, was in 2012, at Chennai and Kolkata airports. Over 1,170 cameras have been deployed in these Airports to ensure Public Safety and Security. All the cameras are being displayed on a 
Third-Party Video Management Software. 

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Raytec Launch VARIO2 IP Hybrid Illuminators

Raytec are proud to launch their new VARIO2 IP Hybrid range of network illuminators which were debuted for the first time at IFSEC 2017. VARIO2 IP Hybrid immediately becomes Raytec’s most advanced illuminator, combining Infra-Red, White-Light, IP and PoE technology into a single package to deliver any lighting solution where and when it is needed.

Infra-Red can be used for covert surveillance, and White-Light can be activated on demand to act as a visual deterrent, or to provide additional scene information for colour cameras. Utilising PLATINUM Elite twin-core SMT LEDs they integrate all the performance of a stand-alone Infra-Red illuminator and White-Light illuminator in a single two-in-one solution.

Fully IP addressable, VARIO2 Network Hybrid lighting can be operated remotely via a user friendly GUI, or fully integrated with VMS, BMS and 3rd party devices.

VARIO2 IP Hybrid represents an evolution of the award-winning VARIO IP range, becoming the only IP-enabled Hybrid illuminator in the market.

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Introducing the IDIS 12MB Super Fisheye

Building upon the success of our first 5MB Super Fisheye, our new 12MP iteration delivers even more high-quality, crystal clear 360° images combined with cost efficiencies through quick and simple installation and operation and by providing a complete field of coverage, this can significantly reduce the number of cameras required to cover a particular area.

Further cost savings are achieved through IDIS Intelligent Codec which delivers up to 90% savings on storage and bandwidth, providing faster and better searching of clearer images. The IDIS Super Fisheye also supports dewarping on the camera as well as on client applications (including smart phones). Network video recorder (NVR) dewarping makes for an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, such as retail shops, restaurants, and supermarkets. This offers customers a wide choice of recording platforms and video management software (VMS) options.

The camera also utilises Smart UX Controls v2.0 to deliver award-winning ground-breaking agility, ease, and accuracy. IDIS “Quick Controls” consist of “Quick Save,” “Quick Find,” “Quick Dewarping,” “Quick Zoom,” and “Quick PTZ.” These revolutionary controls allow operators to dewarp any point of interest and even pan-tilt-zoom in a dewarping state.

The IDIS Super Fisheye can simultaneously monitor and analyse up to 64 points of interest without any blind spots. The viewer can keep track of suspicious objects without missing critical information. The viewer can keep track of suspicious objects without missing critical information. The camera also features dual side dewarping, IR LED up to 15 metres, an internal microphone, true WDR, as well as being vandal resistant and weatherproof.

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Courses on IT Security & Risk Management

Certify yourself with the IT Security & Risk Management courses offered by IMF Academy! IMF Academy is an independent publisher and training organisation. We are specialist in providing business information by means of distance learning courses, master classes and hot topical (certifying) classroom trainings.

Within the (IT) Security & Risk Management specialism we organize several hot topical classroom trainings, which enable you to certify yourself in a specific area.

No organization wants to be a victim to cybercrime. With the dramatic rise in global cyber crime, Cyber Security and Risk Management have become two of the fastest growing IT disciplines in the world today.

IMF Academy offers a range of IT Security & Risk Management trainings:

  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
  • Cloud Security (CCSK)
  • Cyber Security First Responder (CFR)
  • Cyber Security-Threat Detection
  • Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP)
  • Identity Management & Access Control
  • Information Security Management (Mini Master)
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management
  • Master in Cyber Security
  • Risk Management – Certified ISO 27005 Risk Manager
  • SABSA Foundation
  • SABSA Advanced

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Fax: +31 (0) 40 246 00 17


Sicurezza waits for you in Italy

SICUREZZA, Italy’s leading trade show and one of the most important across Europe in the Security & Fire industry, will be returning to Fiera Milano from 15 to 17 November.

Don’t miss this opportunity of business and professional training:

And, for the first time ever, the show will be held alongside SMART BUILDING EXPO, a new event dedicated to smart

We look forward to welcoming you in Milan!

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ABUS CodeLoxx: Security by Code

manufacturer ABUS sets highest standards regarding security and comfort. The electronic door cylinders with digit ring enable access by code and effective burglary protection. Up to 511 users can be integrated, making CodeLoxx the ideal choice for private and commercial properties.

CodeLoxx maximizes independence and every day comfort: With the entering of a 4 to 6-digit code at the doorknob, keys are a remnant of the past. Also, individual access rights can be customized at the door cylinders, making the configuration and use possibly easy. As required, CodeLoxx can be used with further control devices, i. e. via proximity tag or chip key. Up to 511 users can be set up, enabling the system for bigger companies, hotels or stores. The high-quality components in stainless steel and with sleek design hereby fit into the entrance area of any property. With its adjustable modules, the system can also be easily installed at almost any kind of door.

ABUS – Security Tech Germany

The German security expert ABUS is a manufacturer of innovative alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems and detectors. As a member of the ABUS Group, the company is specialised both in industry-specific security requirements as well as the demands which private users have. The company is represented worldwide.

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Fermax Home Automation: integrated solutions

Communication, security and home control solutions come now together in the same screen: SMILE TOUCH DOMINIUM. An advanced device for Smart Homes incorporating a multifunctional touchscreen for an intuitive use.

SMILE TOUCH DOMINIUM is the new hands-free monitor with a 7” capacitive touchscreen. It integrates door entry system and home automation management functionalities in the same device.

By including WiFi connectivity as standard, SMILE TOUCH DOMINIUM is able to control the automation system in the home using a free App -with limitless number of users- for smartphones and tablets of iOS or Android, as well as either locally or remotely.

It offers programmable scenes and timings for both system and free modification by the user, thermostat management, chrono-thermostats, push notifications and email sending, integrated cloud server for remote connection without requiring port opening, dynamic DNS service or Static IP, real presence simulation, integration with IP cameras, integration with alarm system and energy management.

The user can customise the backgrounds and icons layout as desired. The monitor allows a complete personalisation of the home management system.

Smile Touch Dominium is compatible with KNX system, thanks to the SMILE DOMINIUM-KNX communication gateway.

This monitor is distinguished by its front cover of high resistance to scratches, ultraviolet protection, audio quality and OSD Menu (On Screen Display). It can be installed on surface or flush-mounted.

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