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No matter how tough conditions get, a video surveillance operation must always go on. Constructed from solid, anti-corrosive metal, Bosch MIC IP cameras can withstand the toughest elements, humidity, vibrations and impacts, and can function at -40C to +65C.

Even the built-in Intelligent Video Analytics technology is tough, collecting metadata and activate alerts for maximum situational awareness, so they’re ideal for traffic applications and large-scale mission-critical areas like airport perimeter fences and government buildings

Keep sight of your subject

If an MIC IP camera is panning and detects a mobile object in a prohibited area, it sends an alert, whilst the Intelligent Tracking feature can be automatically triggered to follow the object, adjusting the field of view to capture details. After dark, the MIC IP starlight 7000i uses an optional illuminator to stay effective at up to 450m.

MIC IP fusion 9000i – Capture events that can’t be seen

The MIC IP fusion 9000i has optical and thermal imagers. Should the optical imager become obscured, data will be captured by the thermal imager. The fused metadata then provides detailed information on these ‘invisible’ objects.

Detect what the future holds

Bosch cameras are ready to join the vast infrastructure of lighting and smart devices that form the future of digital connectivity.

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